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JR Custom Plating :: From No Shine To Show Time

Thank you so much for the friendly service you showed me. Your shop does beautiful work.

-Chris, Wisconsin

Before shipping parts to JR Custom Plating all pieces must be fully disassembled. Please include your contact information inside the package (name, address, phone number, type of finished desired).

Once the order is received, all parts are photographed and thoroughly inspected to determine a price estimate. At that point the customer receives a written estimate by email or mail. After the customer OKs the price, the product is placed on the to-be-worked shelf.

Below is an overview of the basic plating process at JR Custom. Each metal (i.e. pot metal, aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron, etc.) is prepped and plated differently.

After parts are stripped and thoroughly cleaned from all corrosion, the products are once again inspected for any significant damage that was unnoticeable before stripping. If more damage is present the customer will be notified of any problems that may occur and/or additional charges that may incur.

At this point the restorations process begins. JR Custom uses a combination of several different methods for proper repair and restoration. Each part must be treated differently depending on the type of metal, and condition, size and detail of the piece. After the parts are prepped, they are copper plated to take care of any remaining imperfections. Then, the copper plated parts are buffed to a mirror finish, if more imperfections still remain, the part may be copper plated or repaired again. This copper plating and buffing process can be repeated several times to insure a quality finish.

Once the copper has been buffed for the final time, the part is cleaned of all buffing compound, inspected and racked for nickel and chrome plating. The part then goes through a nickel plating process and finally into the chrome bath. After chroming, the part is cleaned, inspected, checked off the job order and packaged for pick-up or delivery.