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JR Custom Plating :: From No Shine To Show Time

Thanks again. You guys do great work. Keep it up. You will have my business from here on out.

-Mike, Wisconsin

Classic Autos
From no shine to show time! JR Custom Plating specializes in the plating of antique automobile parts.  Taking an old, rotted pot metal hood ornament and turning it into a piece of jewelry is a passion at JR.  The JR staff has the knowledge and care to restore most parts to "show quality" condition. JR offers several finishes, including show chrome, bright nickel, zinc and 24K gold.

JR also offers full restoration of stainless steel trim and grills. Dent removal and straightening of stainless steel is truly an art. With more than 30 years of experience working with stainless, the JR team has the finesse required to repair these delicate pieces. All stainless steel parts are highly polished to a brilliant shine. 
From the smallest brass parts to the largest stainless cut waters and long trim, JR Custom can take care of your plating needs. JR has the knowledge to restore your parts to "show quality" condition in chrome, and high-polish finish of brass and stainless steel.
John has been plating motorcycle parts since the late 70s. Now, JR plates pieces for several custom bike shops as well as individuals. JR plates anything from nuts and bolts to large frames, and has the ability to chrome-plate aluminum. Finishes available are chrome, nickel, 24K gold and high-polish finish.

 Stained Glass
JR takes the special care required to plate these fragile pieces of art. Since the mid 90s, JR has been plating stained glass ornaments, sun catchers and windows. A bright nickel finish is offered to make all pieces shine.
**NOTE: Due to the high price of gold, JR is no longer offering 24K gold plating on stained glass items at this time.
Household Items
JR offers several finishes on items such as door hinges, doorknobs, water faucets, heat vents, cabinet knobs and handles, and claw feet for bathtubs. Finishes available for these products are: brushed nickel or chrome, satin nickel or chrome, and polished nickel, chrome and 24K gold.
From polishing your great-grandfather's pocket watch to restoring an old potbelly stove, you can trust JR to take exceptional care of your treasures. JR has the knowledge to restore your pieces without damaging or destroying them, and goes to great lengths to insure that your pieces will not be lost.